Best Hair Dye for Beard and Mustache Product

Best Hair Dye for Beard and Mustache Product

Every man wants to achieve a balancing tone to their look when treating their hair and facial hair to color. However, it can be a hard result to obtain, considering not every hair dye and facial hair dye would feature the same shades as both are different products. Hence, many consumers wonder if they could use hair dye for their beard and mustache.

Technically, the answer would be yes; why not? But it's necessarily not the only option. There are a number of cosmetics dyes available that you can use for fashionably coloring your facial hair, such as beard concealers, mascara, facial hair dye, etc. So, how to choose the best hair dye?

The men grooming products market is growing, especially with the hair dyes to prevent the sign of aging hair. With so many options available in the market, it can be a challenge for men to choose the right product and shade of a hair dye for beard and moustache. If you choose the wrong product, the shade of color on your beard and mustache not matching your head hair can make you appear extremely fake and announce that you have dyed your beard.

Unless you are comfortable with a fashionable approach to going diverse by sporting different hair shades, you won't feel much comfortable with people knowing about it. Hence, while choosing the right product, you have to consider some factors.

Choosing the right hair dye for a beard

  • Know your beard style

In order to select the right hair dye for your beard, you must decide on which beard style you want to go for. Determine what style of beard you want to keep for a while, such as a short beard, long beard, or groomed beard, before choosing men's hair color. Are you in your 20s? Maybe you are greying in your 30s.

But the color choice can vary accordingly. If you are a guy with a head full of jet-black hair, full coverage of your beard with a solid color can be a good fit. However, it would not suit everyone and their age. If full coverage of one color is not your thing, then go with the salt and pepper hair dye that can fit almost every man of any lifestyle.

  • Get a low contrast dye

Matching hair and beard color can be a complex process to get a natural look, specifically when you age. Rather than just focusing on the hair color shade, it is recommended to select a shade of dye that best matches your natural beard color, especially if you have some gray patches sporadically.

While applying mascara on beard of your selected shade, be precise while applying it and avoid making a mess on the face. If you apply a too dark shade dye, it will look unnatural on you, and your close friends, colleagues, and relatives will notice the off thing about you. Thus, always choose a low contrast, a lighter shade of dye for subtle coloring. If required, you can do with another application to darken the shade.

  • Determine the gray hair density

Determining how much gray hair you have in your beard and mustache will help with deciding whether you have to do just some touch-up with mascara for moustache or go with a full coverage dye application. If you don't have more than 50% gray hair on your beard, make a complete dye application to offer full coverage with low contrast shades. But if you have more than 50% of gray hair in your beard and mustache, go with a gradual or touch-up hair dye for your beard, which would give you a salt-and-pepper look on you.

  • Choose if you want the instant or gradual result

Whether you want to dye your beard and mustache all at once or in a gradual process, always rely on what kind of dying products you can use. If you know exactly what shade you want on your beard without any fine-tuning process, then you can directly apply some beard dyes that can provide you with immediate results.

For a much instant gray coverage look, you can buy mascara for mustache to apply whenever and wherever without having to wait and wash. Mascaras are much more convenient for use and mess-free. If you are worried about sweat messing it up, don't worry; they come in waterproof solutions, so you are all set to use mascara on beard and mustache for an instant dye.  

However, if you want your beard to dye with a gradual effect, then you can find some beard dye shampoos in the market or some comb-in beard dyes to gradually color your facial hair. With repeated application, your beard and mustache change shades darkening with each use. This would give you a fine-tuned result for a natural appearance.

  • Choose between permanent and demi-permanent dyes

Hair dye for beard always comes in either permanent or demi-permanent formulas. Permanent dye would not fade along with time and stay for a long while, and demi-permanent would create a more natural gradient that slowly faces after a few weeks.

  • Check through the ingredients

Once you have gone through all considerations to decide on which shade of dye you want to use, it's time for you to select a product or brand that is good for you without causing any drastic reaction on your face. Generally, the ingredients used in hair dyes, whether permanent or temporary grey hair dye, are quite potent.

Although there are many natural and organic non-GMO hair dye products available, you should make sure to do a patch test before going for a full application. Hence, make an ingredient consideration for choosing your ideal hair dye for beard and mustache. Always avoid ammonia and ingredients like PPD or HPPS, which are considered to trigger allergic reactions.

Now you know the ultimate formula for choosing the best gray hair dye for your beard is going with one shade lighter than your beard, so you can always have a chance for going darker, and the gray strays would blend in the beard effectively. Make sure to consider the above tips for finding the right shade for you.

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