About Generation Klean

Generation Klean was born after a very frightening cancer scare left Co-Founder, Jasmine Abedi, desperately searching for well-functioning cosmetic and hair products that were void of toxic chemicals linked to many growing cancers among men and women. Given the limited availability of these products, Generation Klean was born to provide men and women with a healthier and trend setting alternative that far surpasses the world’s most popular cosmetic and hair brands.

At Generation Klean, Co-Founders Jasmine Abedi and JD Larson believe in creating products that further enhance nature’s original intent: a pure mind, body, and soul. Generation Klean’s products are created with integrity and care, using unique formulations but never losing sense of beauty and fashion. With a distinctive product line, which includes only the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and a wide ranging color palette, everyone is sure to find the answer to his or her beauty needs.

Not only are Generation Klean’s customers using products which truly enhance their outer beauty, but their minds are also not consumed with concern that they are using toxic parabens, glycols, sulfates, or PPD’s on their bodies. Given the exclusive formulations, Generation Klean products are loved by dermatologists and skincare professionals and are a favorite among many Hollywood celebrities.

 Generation Klean’s products represent a new generation, a Generation Klean.

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No Parabens

No GMO's

No Sulfates

No Glycols and More!


Jasmine Abedi

Jasmine Abedi is the Co-Founder of Generation Klean, Inc., a universally recognized cosmetic company based in Beverly Hills, CA.

 In 2005 Jasmine had a health scare and while visiting her doctor learned of the dangers associated with the prolonged and frequent use of hair dyes and parabens in cosmetics. After some research, the idea for Gray Disappear and Generation Klean was formed with her best friend JD Larson.

JD and Jasmine launched Generation Klean in 2011 and their first product Gray Disappear hit the market at the end of May 2011. Within a few months Gray Disappear, a paraben-free hair mascara, received national attention on the television show “The Doctors” and was sold at various Whole Foods locations throughout the United States. Gray Disappear was suddenly a celebrity favorite and huge success garnering attention from the Dr. Oz show, The Today Show, America Now, Giuliana Rancic’s reality show, Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, Marie Osmond’s talk show and was named as one of the best products by NBCUniversal’s ivillage.com and one of the  most innovative by New Beauty magazine. Gray Disappear and Generation Klean products can now be found at high end retailers and health and wellness stores across the globe.

Prior to forming Generation Klean, Jasmine worked as an entertainment attorney for a variety of major production studios and television networks in Los Angeles, California including NBCUniversal, FOX, ABC, E!, Bravo, Discovery, etc. Jasmine has also worked on the creative side of the entertainment business with television credits as Executive Producer of the HGTV series Posh Tots, Club Bounce for TruTV, Divas for VH-1, Life With The Clarks for Country Music Television (CMT).

Additionally Jasmine co-authored a best selling young adult paranormal novel entitled Fae of which the movie rights were optioned by Oscar winning producer and director of Gladiator, Ridley Scott. Information on Fae and the second installment The Dark King can be found at cjabedi.com.

Jasmine currently lives in Southern California with her husband and daughter.

JD Larson

Jonathan “JD” Larson is the Co-Founder of Generation Klean, a universally recognized cosmetic company based in Beverly Hills, CA.Larson, born in Los Angeles, CA, had a very early introduction to the business world. Larson’s father, Larry, was a former theatrical manager who managed some of the most successful rock acts in the 70’s and 80’s. Larson’s mother, Beth, was one of the pioneers of the high end jean business who co-founded Sisley Jeans which was later sold to Benetton. As a young child, Larson spent many months on the road with his parents, learning both managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Larson attended Beverly Hills High School where he was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 1991 for his tennis skills and later went on to play tennis for UCLA. During his college years, Larson co-founded Bain/Larson, a successful talent management company. After graduating from UCLA, Larson enrolled in law school at Loyola Law School where he met his current business partner and best friend, Jasmine Abedi.

After graduating from law school in 1998, Larson was admitted to the practice of law in the following states: CA, NJ, NY, and TN. He practiced music law and also managed such country acts as The Clark Family Experience (produced by Tim McGraw), Bryan White and Malibu Storm. Along with Abedi, Larson secured an Executive Producer Credit for “Life With The Clarks” which was sold to Country Music Television.

Larson is also a licensed real estate broker and owns and manages various investment properties. In May of 2011, Larson decided to pursue another business venture with Abedi and launched Generation Klean. Their first product, Gray Disappear, a paraben-free hair mascara, became an overnight success. Gray Disappear has been featured on such television shows as The Doctors, The Today Show, Bethenny Frankel, America Now with Leeza Gibbons, The Marie Osmond Talk Show, Giuliana and Bill Rancic and most recently The Dr. Oz Show. Gray Disappear and other Generation Klean products are currently sold at major chains and high end retailers across the globe.